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Testimonial - Glendinning


As the largest independent supplier of quarry and concrete products in Devon and Cornwall, Glendinning are based in Ashburton and have a total of 240 employees. Managing Director, Barry Wilson sought our services after their previous insurance broker relocated. Glendinning wanted an insurance group that offer national knowledge and experience at a regional level that will ensure a great service.

“Pavey Group fitted our criteria as their breadth was backed by a credible team of professionals,” said Barry. “The team quickly grasped the details of our business and values. Indeed, there are shared values between the two businesses that make for a solid and constructive relationship.”

We work very closely with Glendinning and meet regularly with the team. By handling their claims, Glendinning can concentrate on their business in the knowledge that matters are being dealt with thoroughly.

Barry said: “The financial services team complement the insurance services and enable our HR team to access employee benefit broking and account management giving an effective overall solution that adds value to Glendinning. Pavey Group are responsive, supportive, highly professional and knowledgeable and I would recommend their services without hesitation.” 

To find out more about the products and services available from Glendinning visit http://www.ejwglendinning.co.uk/