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Testimonial - Exeter Golf & Country Club

Exeter Golf & Country Club

Surrounded by beautiful grounds and gardens, Exeter Golf and Country Club offers a range of activities to its members from gym facilities to spa treatments. Having been a client of ours for many years, Exeter Golf and Country Club have had our full support when it comes to their financial and insurance needs.

Martyn Grant is an accountant at the club and has met many members of the team at Pavey Group. “We have an excellent working relationship at several levels with Pavey Group. They provide us with timely and professional help as and when required.”

An example of how we helped the club can be seen back in September 2014 when unfortunately, the club experienced a flood. “The process of making a claim and dealing with the flood were made easier due to the help and professionalism of the Pavey Group team” says Martyn.

To find out more about the Exeter Golf and Country Club, visit http://exetergcc.co.uk/