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Business Continuity Planning

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Business Continuity Planning

Imagine if your business were to suffer from a fire, flood, power or IT failure.  Have you thought about how your business would survive this or any other kind of interruption?

Easy Continuity is a UK leader in the supply of Business Continuity Services and has transformed the survival prospects of the SME market - providing greater accessibility to practical solutions and strategies, without the high upfront costs.

Our service comprises of 'Pre-Incident'- continuity support and guidance, in the form of checklists, tools, continuity plans and software so that clients can prepare themselves in advance.

'Post Incident' we facilitate access to our continuity work space & offices along with IT and telephony recovery, combined with fire, flood and restoration specialists where required.

Why Do You Need Continuity?

  • Protect your revenue, cash flow and customer base
  • Safeguard your brand & reputation - which takes years to build and minutes to lose
  • Create confidence amongst your supply chain & customers
  • Minimise business impact and disruption by getting your critical functions and activities up and running as soon as possible
  • Keep staff working, phones answered and the business going!

What Do You Get?

Our service is fully inclusive and we provide the following, all at low, monthly based subscriptions, with most recovery costs being met by business interruption or increased cost of working cover.

  • An extensive UK network with over 75 professional continuity facilities & 375 office locations
  • Protection for up to 50 staff, or more for bespoke clients.
  • IT & telephony recovery specialists
  • Checklists, plan templates and continuity planning & incident software
  • Cloud based storage of critical documents
  • Fire, flood and building restoration assistance

For further information please click: http://www.easycontinuity.co.uk

Alternatively you can contact Easy Continuity on 0843 289 2825 or Email: team@easycontinuity.co.uk

Please download the attached document below for information on packages and prices.