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When obtaining a quotation for your home insurance, insurers will ask a series of questions relating to your property. If your property is deemed to fall outside the boundaries of a standard policy, it is likely you will require ‘Non-Standard’ cover to be put in place.

Non-standard is a term used by insurers to categorise a property that falls outside the confines of a traditional insurance policy. This does not simply relate to the buildings construction; such as timber framed or thatched roofed; the most common classifications of a non-standard property are those in a flood risk area, those suffering from subsidence or subject to underpinning and un-occupancy.

A non-standard policy does not only refer to the physical hazards listed above but also moral hazards such as an adverse claims history or a criminal conviction (this can relate to not only the policy holder, but any resident at the address).

For properties which fall into this category, finding the right insurance to meet with your requirements can be a struggle. Pavey Group can typically secure cover for a variety of non-standard risks. The information we gather beforehand will be more involved, but having your policy correctly underwritten and tailored to your needs will give you peace of mind that you are adequately protected.

We will need to spend time and ask you a number of questions to understand about your property and the cover you require before recommending a product to you with the best rates and terms available to us. 

Why choose Pavey Group?

We have access to a number of providers who can offer tailored cover, designed specifically for non-standard homes and properties. Having developed an excellent relationship with these insurers, we have the ability to offer competitive premiums, quality cover and access markets which are generally only accessible via an insurance broker.

At Pavey Group we understand how important your home is to you; and should the unthinkable happen, our dedicated in-house claims team will be on hand to offer reassurance and guidance at a time when you need us most.

For further advice relating to any aspect of your insurance please contact us on: 0800 038 9733.

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