Latest News: Pavey Group joins Gallagher

Pavey Group Ltd has become part of Gallagher, one of the largest global insurance brokerage, risk management and consultancy firms as part of their UK operation.
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Investments Back

investment advice devon

Investments take many forms, however they are all designed to provide a return for the investors who exchange their money for a share in the investment.  Some investments are designed to provide capital growth, whereas others provide an income for the investor. Investments will typically hold assets such as equities (shares), corporate bonds, gilts or property.

So why invest?

There are many reasons why people invest: saving for your retirement is one of the most common, others include investing to fund for school fees or for the deposit on a property. In the current economic climate, with cash savings providing historically low interest returns, investing offers a way of providing better potential returns.

Types of investments

ISA, Pensions & Investment Bonds are just some of the types of investment currently on offer. Each investment has a different tax treatment. Some are geared towards providing growth and others to produce income. Choosing the correct form of investment for an individual’s personal circumstances is critical. An investment that is right for one person is not necessarily suitable for the next person.

Things to consider

One of the most important things to consider when talking about investments is “attitude to risk”. Investments vary in risk from the very cautious right through to the highly speculative. An investment that is right for a cautious investor will not be correct for somebody who wants to take a more aggressive approach. Helping an individual to identify their attitude to risk is one of the most important things we do.

How can we help?

We offer a complete service to help client’s with all of their investment needs. We can review existing investments and provide advice on choosing a new investment. We will endeavour to help explain the tax treatment of these investments and ensure the investment has a suitable level of risk. We typically provide an ongoing service where we will provide ongoing reviews to ensure investments are performing well and continue to be suitable for our clients.

Why choose Pavey Group?

We have a long history of helping our clients achieve their goals. Our team of Independent investment advice devonFinancial Advisers, in conjunction with our excellent administration team, work hard to build long term relationships with our clients. By doing this we understand our client’s needs and requirements. This allows us to build portfolios that meet clients’ expectations.

Our Advisers, where possible, like to meet clients face to face. We can do this at any of our three offices, or in the client’s home if they prefer. Each of our advisers has achieved the relevant qualifications (or higher) as required by our regulator and pride themselves on the professional service they provide.

We offer a fully Independent service and will be happy to provide advice on all your investment needs. Please contact our Independent Financial Advisers on 0800 038 9733.