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5 Reasons To Consider Equity Release

  1. It allows you to release a tax free lump sum from your property to spend as you wish. You can boost your retirement in-come, allowing you to enjoy your retirement, whether that be on holidays, home improvements, a new car or helping out loved ones.
  2. You can opt to have the interest added onto the loan each month, without you having to pay a monthly payment back to the provider.
  3. It allows you to live in your property for as long as you wish.
  4. It can potentially allow you to draw further funds down at a later date, without further approval.
  5. The Rate of Interest is Fixed for the life of the loan.

Please note that taking out an Equity Release Plan will affect the amount of inheritance you can leave to your loved ones.

Equity Release Schemes can be very helpful but are not suitable for everyone.  It is important to understand the risks and to understand the cost, the level of flexibility and the possible impact on future State Benefits.

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